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Custom Roman Shades

Any Size.  Customer Supplies The Fabric (send it directly to us from any vendor you’d like) or Check Out Our NEW Selection!

Sew Lovely Roman Shades are made to order using your own fabric in any size.  Flat Classic Roman shades and Relaxed Roman Shades can be made with regular/light filtering lining or blackout lining.  They are fully functional and hardware is included!  We also offer cordless and child-proof roman shade options (See below). We can help source and provide fabric if needed, but we prefer for customers to send us their own so we know it is exactly what the customer wants but please see our fabric recommendations and guidelines (click HERE) before sending fabric.  This is what makes Sew Lovely so unique... the customer is able to choose their own favorite decor fabric that matches their personal style, current decor and budget.  Customer fabric must be compliant with our policy and meet our standards.

Update, as of 6/20/19, we just started offering some fabric to select from! We will continue to add more soon. You may send your own fabric to us or select from one of ours. If we’re making you shades, you’d select the free shipping option for the fabric. Fabric will be sent directly to us to use for your product

Mount options include both inside and outside mounted shades.

Our Ordering Process Is Easy!

The customer submits a quote using the quote form below.

We email back with a quote and the amount of yardage that will be needed for the project.

If the customer approves, a custom listing is set up via Etsy or an arrangement is made via email or phone to pay by PayPal, check or cash.

The customer sends us the fabric of their choice, directly from a website or their home.  Learn more about fabric choice HERE.  Please only send recommended fabric. We provide white canvas fabric and lining. We also recently started providing more fabric choices. Most customers provide their own.

We create lovely roman shades for the customer using their fabric!

The beauty of custom window treatments is that you can have them made in any size you'd like and in any fabric.  You're not limited to store bought patterns and size options.  Many older homes have odd size windows and it may be hard to find a roman shade in a store to fit the window.  Sew Lovely shades are carefully handcrafted in a non-smoking and pet-free home.

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Need Sew Lovely To Provide the Liner
You can send us your fabric from any vendor or we can now supply some fabrics. Check out our new selection under "Purchase Our Fabric"
Ribbon Trim
Add a matching pillow to the order?
If you'd like a matching pillow or pillows, please select below and indicate how many, what size and if you need an insert in the comment section below. Pillows start at $35 per cover.


Pricing below is an estimate and may vary.  Pricing is for labor only.  Fabric & Lining Are Not Included.  

Sew Lovely Can Provide Lining

Extra Fee For Ribbon Trimmed Roman Shade


Classic, Corded Roman Shade


Scroll down to read more about our classic shades…



39-60" LONG- $85

61-75" LONG- $90

76" LONG AND UP- $100 & UP

FOR WIDTHS 41-50" AND...


39-60" LONG- $90

61-75" LONG- $95

76" LONG AND UP- $105 & UP


Ribbon Trim Roman shades

Many Colors Of Ribbon Available


Ribbon trim roman shades are around $20 more per shade for single ribbon and $25 more per shade for double ribbon. If we do not have a color in stock, we also charge for the ribbon, typically around $15 total, or you may supply your own ribbon or trim. See below for our ribbon colors. We can put trim inset along the sides and bottom, or right along the edges.  We provide basic 1 1/2" grosgrain trim in many colors or the customer may provide their own trim.  Ribbon trimmed shades are a great way to tie a room together and look great if you want to use pattern in other places in your room but still want the shades to coordinate.  We can provide white canvas to be used for ribbon trim shades. Visit our blog to see many images of the different trim shades we have done!  See below for ribbon chart.


Greek KEy Roman Shade


Pricing varies for greek key design roman shades. We are able to provide canvas or twill and many colors of ribbon (see below ribbon chart). Greek key shades usually are about 20” drop when fully raised, as to show off the unique greek key design on the bottom of the shade.


Bottom Trim Roman Shade


We can add the customer’s selected trim to the bottom of the roman shades. We’ve done many roman shades with pom pom trim along the bottom and more. For this option, it is usually about $15 more per shade, plus customer’s trim.

roman shades.jpg

Wide Width Roman Shades


Please contact us about shades over 55” wide. We normally like to split very wide shades into 2 shades, if possible. The folds are nicer and crisper when the shade is not as wide. Also wide shades will have a seam (matching pattern) and to avoid the seam, we split into 2 shades. Wide shades are also more awkward to pull up. Roman shades over 48" wide will pleat a little differently than shades that are under 48" wide.  For wide shades, there will be seams down each side because the fabric needs to be sewn together to make the width, since standard fabric is 54" wide.  The pattern will be matched up so it is not obvious that there is a seam.  The wide roman shades come with plastic dowels and the pleats will not be as defined as more narrow shades.  They may hang looser due to the width.  You may wish to divide a large window up into 2 or 3 shades for a more defined looking shade.


Relaxed Roman Shades


Pricing is usually about $5 less per shade than our corded shades. Relaxed roman shades are best if you don’t intend to raise and lower the shades often, as the shades need to be dressed a bit so that the folds look nice. The folds don’t simply pop into place when you lift the shade like our standard classic shades do. Each pleat may need to be pulled out into place. There is only one dowel in these (on the very bottom). They usually look best if the fabric is not heavy and don’t work as well for large shades, especially with blackout liner. Our relaxed shades do not have a curve at the bottom. When the shade is all the way down, the shade is flat just like our classic shades. When the shade pulls up, the folds form loosely.


Faux Roman Shades


Same pricing as relaxed shades, usually about $5 less per shade than functioning classic shades. Faux shades are stationary shades that are perfect if you want the look of a roman shade but don’t need it to function. They can be raised and lowered but manually, and not by using cords or a pull. The rings can be adjusted to height on the back. They’re mostly meant for design purposes and for looks only. They're completely child proof! They have zero cords!


Rod Pocket Roman shade


Pricing is usually about $20 more per shade. This is a great option if you have existing rods and want to hang the shade from the rod. Shades are fully functional but can also be made into faux shades.


Woven Wood Roman Shades


Click here to learn more about our newly added woven wood roman shades and see our colors and patterns! Many different styles and colors available. Shade material is made out of natural fibers like wood and bamboo. Made with no lining, these add beauty and natural light to your space. See our color options here.




(not the same as cordless)

Pricing starts at $18 more per shade

Our child proof shade upgrade is perfect for those wanting shades in a nursery or where small children will be near. The shades use ladder tape on the back to contain the cords so that they cannot be pulled away from the shade to form a dangerous loop. The shades will also have a break a way cord condenser, so if force and pressure is applied, the cords will break apart. It is still recommend to tie the side cords up high on a cleat. This option works good for both inside and outside mounted shades.

**IMPORTANT**The folds on the child proof shades will be much smaller than the standard custom shades (about 3 - 4 inches per fold) so they will stack a bit differently than most on our website photos.

Back of Roman Shade with Ladder Tape

Back of Roman Shade with Ladder Tape

Smaller folds for Childproof shades

Child Safe Breakaway Knob

Child Safe Breakaway Knob

Child Safe Breakaway Knob

Child Safe Breakaway Knob


cordless roman shades (WITH OR WITHOUT LADDER TAPE)

Contact us for pricing. They’re typically double the price of our corded roman shades.

Cordless Roman shades still have cords in the back but they can be contained within the ladder tape so they do not form a dangerous loop. We offer them with or without the ladder tape. Unlike our standard shades and the child proof upgrade shade, the cordless shades do not have any cords running down the side. You would raise and lower the shade by pulling on a tab on the bottom backside of the roman shade. Cordless shades can also be made with our standard size fold and no child proof ladder tape on the back. We use the Roll Ease EZ Spring Plus system for our cordless roman shades.

**Cordless are best for inside mounted shades. They project about 1 1/2-2” so for outside mounted shades, it isn’t ideal because the light will show on the sides more bc of the projection. If your shades are outside mounted, you may want to consider the option above with the ladder tape only.


BREAKAWAY KNOB & CORD CLEATS only (no ladder tape)

Roman Shade Cord Cleat. $5 per cleat. Used to tie side cords up high out of a child's reach.

If we are making you a roman shade, shipping will be free for these. Price is for one clear cleat and 2 screws.

3 cords hang down off to one side on the back of the Roman shade. These cords are used to pull the shade up and down and lock the shade into place. The cord cleat is a good idea if you have young children at home that may have access to cords hanging down. Simply drill the two screws into your wall or trim where the child can’t reach. And wrap the cords around the cleat after you position your shade.

Breakaway knobs are $5 each.

Breakaway child safe tassels that separates to avoid possible strangulation. They are made of white hard plastic and break away when any force is applied to the strings so that no loops are formed.

Roman shade cleats

Roman shade cleats

Cleats for shades available for sale

Cleats for shades available for sale

Breakaway knobs are available by choosing our child proof option

Breakaway knobs are available by choosing our child proof option

Grosgrain ribbon options for roman shades (or you may send your own). We normally use 1 1/2” ribbon. Other sizes available.

A Little About Our Roman Shades

Almost all of the shades on our website are flat/classic roman shades. We do not make hobbled or top down shades.  Flat roman shades come with dowels that are secured in pockets on the back of the shade and help form the defined pleats. The lining is white and the pockets are also white to blend in.  The folds are formed when the shade is pulled up.  If the fabric is white or light colored with regular liner, the dowel pockets may be a bit more obvious (they look like thin horizontal rows across the shade). The shades hang about 9" from the top of the wood when all the way up.  Every shade will fold a little differently, with more or less pleats, depending on the size of the shade.  When all the way down, the fabric lies flat against the window.  The face fabric wraps around the back about 1".   Roman shades come with 3 cords up the back side and a cord lock lift mechanism.  We also now make cordless roman shades. The shade locks into place when the cords are pulled to the left or right, like many standard blinds.  Each string controls a separate part of the roman shade (right, left, middle).  You may need to adjust them separately at times to get them straight across.  Classic shades are not completely child proof and we recommend using a cleat to tie of the cords up high. We do cordless shades, however they are significantly higher in cost. These shades still have cords on the back side but they are incased with safety ladder tape and there are no cords to lift the shade up and down.

Inside Or Outside Mount

Roman shades come attached to a 1x2 board (more accurately 3/4” x 1 1/2”) on top and can be mounted inside the window casing or outside on the trim or wall.  Inside mounted shades have a depth of about 1 1/2”, so your window should be at least 1 1/2” deep, ideally. It can work if less but it made just project more. Outside mounted shades have a wood projection of about 3/4”.

Blackout Vs. Regular Liner

Our shades can be made with regular/light filtering lining or blackout liner.  Liner fabric is white.  We can also use the face fabric as the lining on back if you'd prefer.  You'd need extra yardage for this option.  Blackout liner provides total blockage of sunlight, whereas, regular liner will allow some light to filter through.  If your fabric is light weight or light in color and your shade has regular lining, the dowels may show slightly through the fabric when the sun shines.  Blackout liner will block the dowels completely from shining through. Normally, the dowels shining through does not affect the beauty of the shade, but if you do not like this look, you may wish to do the blackout option or provide a medium weight/heavier fabric.  For optimal blackout, you may wish to do an inside mount.  Some light might seep through the sides if doing an outside mount.  The outside mount projection is 1". Blackout shades will have some blackout tape strips on the back to cover any pin holes so the light doesn’t shine through.

Styles of Roman Shades We Do

We make mostly flat, classic roman shades. Most of the photos on our side are the flat shades. Fabric choice will affect the look of your shade somewhat. Classic shades have dowels on the back inside white pockets to form pleats when the shades pull up. They’re completely functional and we can make faux shades, as well. We also create relaxed roman shades. Relaxed roman shades are similar to the flat style except they do not have dowels inside them, and they hang much looser.  The bottom is not a curve, as some styles are.  It's just a looser, more casual look than the flat roman shades.  When shades are extended all the way down, they are flat with no folds. Relaxed shades need to be dressed and learn to fall into place as time passes. They're better if you don’t intend to raise and lower often. We make a lot of ribbon trimmed shades, greek key shades and more! Scroll up to read more about the different styles we do.


We recommend spot cleaning the roman shades using a fabric cleaner and damp cloth. The shades aren’t machine washable.

Example of Flat/Classic Roman Shade (on top) and Relaxed Roman Shade (on bottom)

Faux Roman Shade. No Cords. Mostly just for show and decor purposes

Faux Roman Shade. No Cords. Mostly just for show and decor purposes

Back of roman shade. 3 row of cording up the back and dowel pockets.

Back of roman shade. 3 row of cording up the back and dowel pockets.

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