Custom Roman Shades|Sew Lovely By Kelly

Fabric & Ribbon choice

Medium Weight decor Fabric Only

99% of the time, the best fabric for roman shades is medium weight, 100% cotton, screen printed on canvas/duck. This fabric pleats nicely and doesn’t wrinkle as easily. Most home decor/drapery fabric you will find in stores is this type of material. If a fabric is very “floppy” or drapes like a blanket, it likely won’t be good for our roman shades.

We now offer a selection of fabric, or you may still send us your own from any vendor! Click here to view our selection! Our fabrics range from $12-$45 a yard. We supply solid fabrics that are perfect for our ribbon trim shades! Now offering cotton, slubs, flax and linen blends! View them here. We also have fabric remnants for sale, which are fabrics that are already cut and are mostly used for smaller projects like pillows or small roman shades. You can view our remnants here.

We are also now a Greenhouse Fabrics supplier! They have a ton of really lovely sample books and HIGH END DESIGNER fabrics to choose from! Click here to view their sample books and inquire with us about pricing. Sale Fabrics are about $30/yard. All other fabrics are from $60-$90/yard.

Sew Lovely Roman Shades look best with medium weight decor fabric only that is about 7-10 oz in weight and 54" wide.  Most websites will list the fabric under a "decor/medium weight" category and state that it is good for window treatments. When determining your yardage, we assume the fabric is the standard of 54” wide. If it’s wider, it’s ok, but if it’s more narrow than 54” please let us know so we can recalculate.

  • Light weight fabrics do not work well or fabrics with a loose looking weave. They hang loose, wrinkle and don't pleat as well. Read our blog about using light weight fabrics here.

  • Most 100% linen fabrics do not work well for roman shades. It is very tough to work with. It is not easy to sew straight because of its looser weave and when it hangs, gravity shifts the fabric. It is not ideal for our roman shades. We prefer you do not send us this type of fabric, however, some higher quality linen does work nicely. You may send us a high quality linen but beware that there’s a risk it may not work as well.

  • If you really want to send linen, please only send linen blends. Rayon/Linen blends work nicely most of the time.

  • If you choose to send light weight or loose woven linen please send along with interlining in the same yardage as the fabric you’re sending. Interlining will help the fabric fold much nicer. Interlining can be found on

  • Silk, Sheer, stain, taffeta and quilting fabric do not work well for our roman shades

  • Burlap fabric does not work well.

  • If the fabric is lighter weight or white/light colored with regular liner, you may see the dowels from the front when the sun shines through.

  • Heavier, upholstery weight fabric like, velvet and chenille do not work well. Very heaven woven fabric doesn’t work well. It’s too bulky in the folds (heavy upholstery fabric). If the fabric feels like blanket material, it likely won’t work as well for roman shades. The folds won't look as defined or straight across.

  • We do not recommend washing your brand new fabric prior to sending.

  • We prefer customers send us their own fabric rather than have us choose it so we're certain it is what the customer wants.

  • You can send us a curtain panel to work with if it is of correct weight. An extra fee may apply because we need to take apart your panels. Please don’t send very old fabric or fabric with stains etc.

  • Ordering a sample from the fabric store is a good idea, so you can make sure you like it. Email us if you like a fabric on our site and wish to buy a sample. We stock some but some we need to order.

  • If ordering white shades with a ribbon border, we are able to provide the fabric and it will be a basic cotton duck fabric. But we prefer the customer to send their own.

  • Every fabric will hang a little differently. Some fabrics shift a little according to temperature and gravity.

  • Fabric scraps will not be sent back unless requested by the customer. Additional shipping fees will apply.

  • Sew Lovely is not responsible for fabric that was sent by the buyer or fabric store with imperfections before cutting and sewing.

  • We don’t inspect your fabric until we are about to produce your shades/curtains. At times, we will need to contact you at this point if there wasn’t enough yardage sent as requested or if the fabric is ruined.

  • There might be times that additional fabric is required (if the repeat was too large to match up the shades or too little fabric was sent to me. Buyer will be then asked to send more fabric to us.

  • Standard fabric is 54" wide. Please do not send fabric that is less than 54" wide, unless you ask about it via email.

  • If the fabric is a patterned fabric, we will sew the shade in the direction of the pattern off the bolt or with the salvage on the left and right, non-railroaded (see example below). If the shade is a solid or the pattern can be railroaded and flipped, we will turn the fabric so that we can avoid a seam. We will contact you before flipping the pattern (railroaded).

  • All shades need a liner on the back side. Read why here.

Non-Railroaded Photo on left shows how we will use the fabric off the bolt. We will turn it (Railroad) only if requested by the customer, or if the shade is wider than 50”, as to avoid a seam. Usually all solid fabric and some prints can be railroaded and still have the same look.

Non-Railroaded Photo on left shows how we will use the fabric off the bolt. We will turn it (Railroad) only if requested by the customer, or if the shade is wider than 50”, as to avoid a seam. Usually all solid fabric and some prints can be railroaded and still have the same look.


Good places to order fabric

There are really great shops online to get fabric.  You can sometimes get better deals and find more choices online than in a store.  You can send your fabric directly to us from any online shop or store.  Keep in mind, you may also purchase a set of curtain panels and use the panel fabric as your shade fabric.  Here are a few places...

some good brands of fabric for roman shades

Caitlin Wilson

Clarke & Clarke



Dwell Studio



Home Accents Fabrics

Jaclyn Smith

Kelly Ripa


Lacefield Designs

Magnolia Home Fashions

P Kaufmann

Premier Prints

Rebecca Atwood

Richloom Fabrics

Robert Allen



Scott Living



Swavelle/ Mill Creek




Good Brands for LINER FOR ROMAN SHADES (can be purchased on




I can supply basic colors in 1 1/2" wide grosgrain ribbon or you may provide. We can also provide pom pom trim.

1.5" - 3" grosgrain works best. Non-wired and solid. There are a lot of great places online and stores like Michaels, AC Moore and Hobby Lobby.

hobby lobby

Offray Ribbon

This site has beautiful trims-

When sending us your fabric, please be sure to put your name on the package under our name, so that we know the fabric is yours (i.e. "c/o Jane Smith")  If the fabric has no name on the box, we may not know who it belongs to and your order may get delayed.

***Please do not send your fabric with "signature required" option. Sew Lovely is not home all day to sign for packages.  If you send insured or with a signature required, your fabric will be sent back to the sender.***

Please do not send a lot of excess fabric.  Excess fabric will not be returned to you.  The amount of fabric calculated for your shade will be just enough to complete your order.  Shade shipping is calculated based on shade weight and does not include any excess fabric.  

Regular liner vs. blackout liner

Sew Lovely Roman Shades can be made with regular/light filtering lining or blackout lining.  You may send your own liner or we can provide it for an extra cost.  Lining fabric is necessary on all roman shades becauase it protects the fabric from sun damage and it also hides the dowels that are inside the shade and keeps them in place.  The liner we use is white.  Regular liner will still filter out some of the sun but will not be completely dark.  Blackout liner will be dark.  Sew Lovely roman shades do have small pin hole lights where stitching is on the side and bottom seams.  


ribbon trimmed roman shades (see below color chart for the ribbon colors we provide)

Sew Lovely creates a lot of grosgrain ribbon trimmed roman shades with a ribbon border around the sides and bottom, similar to Pottery Barn's roman shades.  White canvas or linen fabric can be provided, as well as ribbon trim.  Labor is extra for ribbon trimmed shades.  Any ribbon can be used, as long as it is at least 1.5" wide and non-wired.  Greek key ribbon is a lovely choice for bordering roman shades and curtains.  There are a lot of stores that sell ribbon such as, Walmart, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Sew Lovely can provide basic grosgrain ribbon trim. See below for color chart. We stock a few colors and the other colors are special order. The labor fee for ribbon shades includes the ribbon for ribbon that we stock. If we do not stock the color, there is an additional charge.

Grosgrain ribbon color options

Grosgrain ribbon color options