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"Thank You For Standing By Your Work"

“Thanks so much for taking care of this and so quickly. It’s so nice to work with someone who stands by their work.” A customer said this to me today and it was so good to hear! This IS what I do. I do stand by my work and my goal is to make customers happy and love their new product! I know how the shades have a personal meaning to many of my customers. I’ve had customers email and say how excited they are to receive them bc they’re for a new nursery or a gift to a parent or friend, or for a new big boy room etc. Customers are super excited to complete their room with our window treatments and that means a lot to us! Many of our customers are moving into a new home or a new construction. I’ve had people tell me very personal stories and how important these are to them. It feels good to make something that I know will be special to the customer and they can look at it every day and feel good.

Since our products are all handmade there is always a very slight chance of human error, just like a machine can have errors also. Luckily, we haven’t had this happen often and we produce about 25 roman shades per week and have been making them for almost 5 years! So I think we have a great record! The customer I quoted above was actually not liking the way her shade was hanging and asked me if i’d be willing to make an adjustment to it. She was so appreciative that I was willing to fix it 100% free and send her a return label to send it right back to me. I definitely want to make sure she’s happy and will fix anything. Almost all shades are fixable and easy to adjust. I can’t recall having to ever remake anything. It’s mostly just a slight adjustment and this, like I said, happens very rarely.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us to adjust something for free that could have been an error of ours. We stand by our work and want customers to be happy in the end.