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New Improvements to Our Roman Shades

Hello! Thanks for reading our blog. Just wanted to update on some nice improvements to our roman shades. We’re super excited about it! I’ve been making these shades for 5 years now. I’ve changed my methods of construction a lot throughout the years bc I am always trying to improve the quality of the product and the supplies. There are many ways to make a roman shade. I’ve experimented with most ways and the ways that most other shops tend to use. I don’t like many of the methods for certain reasons. I don’t like stitching rings through to the face fabric like a lot of shops do. This does 2 things… It causes pin holes of light to shine through where the stitches are. It also looks funny because there are random tack stitch marks throughout the face fabric. Even if the thread matches perfectly, you’ll still see it.

I always ran into a dilemma bc the face fabric must be adhered to the liner some how. If not, when the shade raises and folds, the face fabric will droop and it will look bad. For a long time, I’ve been using this method where I make about 3-5 small tacks up the middle of the shade to hold it together in the middle to avoid the dropping. This worked well, but again, there were visible tack marks and also some of the light would shine through there, making it look like a small hole. For blackout shades, I would use a blackout “tape” to hide the holes. The method worked pretty well but wasn’t ideal, but it was better than a lot of the other methods out there and had way less of those tack markings.

So, as of a week ago, I’m going to do it a new method! This method seems to work extremely well and avoids all stitch marks down the middle!! So no pin holes of light or threads in the middle of the shade. This also means blackout shades will have total blackout down the middle. We still do sew our side seams and bottom hem, but the stitching blends very nicely with the fabric and I haven’t had any complaints about this at all in 5 years. The only thing that seemed to need to change were those tack marks down the center.

We are always trying to improve and educate ourselves to make the shades better and higher quality. Can’t wait to get these into some homes!