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Affordability and Quality is what we offer!

While shopping around for any product out there, you’ll be sure to find a wide range of pricing.  You’ll see some super cheap and junky products, super cheap and surprisingly nice, mid range options and some very expensive high end ones. Sometimes you can tell a difference right away if something is going to be junk and want to steer away. Sometimes the product isn’t a high priority on your buying list, so you can take a risk and buy a less expensive product and it will suffice.  Sometimes you want to go with the most expensive because it might have something you really want that the other options don’t.  Often times, the more expensive one is no different but it’s got a known label on it so people assume it’s better.  It’s great that there are options for all budgets and needs.

Here at Sew Lovely we like to provide both quality and affordability.  We have done a TON of brainstorming and research to figure out how to maintain our quality, reduce our production time and save on over priced materials to keep our cost down for our customers. We know that when you’re a new homeowner, covering multiple windows, you may have other things to purchase for your home and have to budget in the window treatments, which can seem add up quickly. While the labor is VERY intensive and it is tedious to make them, and materials are not cheap for the products, we have found ways to lower our pricing to help our customers be able to afford these custom products without breaking the bank.  We have found ways to cut back on the time it takes us to make shades.  I am now making about 25 shades per week (with the help of my lovely and talented seamstress) and 4 years ago it took me more than double the time to produce that many.  We’ve also done many trials and research to find better materials that do not cost as much for us. To many people who normally get treatments at JC Penny or Kohl’s etc, Sew Lovely products are still are not considered “inexpensive,” but they are much more affordable than many other options out there if you have to stick to a budget and also want a nice quality made product that will last years (I have my own shades I made hanging and still looking and functioning beautifully 4 years later!)  Also we realize that the customer’s fabric can add up too.  Maybe you want to purchase the fabric you absolutely love and it’s expensive so you need to save a bit on the labor to afford them.  We want our customers to still be able to purchase their dream fabric and not get hit hard on both the fabric cost and labor.  

We started on Etsy, a friendly crafters marketplace. We consider ourselves a friendly small business with the consumers always in mind.  We love happy customers.  It used to be that “custom” was mostly for the wealthy.  But now there are buying options for everyone. 😊