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A Busy Summer!

Hope everyone reading this had a great summer!  It definitely flew by!  Sew Lovely had a busy summer, for sure!  With just one seamstress and myself constructing them all, we had a lot more work than we could handle. My seamstress worked diligently day and night and sometimes would be sewing 25 shades per week. It’s a lot of work for one person!  So I decided to hire on another seamstress to the team!  It wasn’t easy finding a seamstress in an era where not many people have a sewing background.  I was very lucky to have found Linda, who has a passion for sewing and has been sewing since she was a little girl.  She’s seems really enthusiastic about this new opportunity!  She loves working with the customers different fabrics and creating beautiful window treatments. With the addition of Linda, we will finally be able to speed up our production time, which is exciting!