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The Process of Purchasing Sew Lovely Roman Shades

By Kelly Rinik

The process of buying Sew Lovely shades is really simple. You may either email me on this website or contact me via Etsy.  I do somewhat prefer Etsy because it's a little easier for me to manage and I check my emails often on there.  It's also easier for me to create a custom listing for you so that everything is typed out In detail and customized for you in a listing rather than just an email. But either way is fine :)

Unfortunately, I do NOT make the following shades as of yet:

cordless functional shades

bottom to top

shades over 50 inches wide  

I can do relaxed shades and the classic Roman shades.  I have also done hobbled before but I prefer to stick to what I'm best at, the flat classic ones.  I also make valances, shower curtains, and other curtains. 

For fast quotes, your first email should include your window measurements and whether or not you want an inside or outside mount and if you'd like blackout or regular liner. I can add the liner to your custom quote. I'd prefer not to buy your fabric because I want to be sure you love your fabric and it's better if you see it yourself first. I get a lot of requests for white fabric shades with ribbon trim. I'd love for customers to send me their own white fabric, as well. Cotton duck, canvas and twill work well. Anything over 7 oz is good. A 9 oz cotton is very nice. 

I will normally get back to you within 12 hours with a quote. If you prefer to not go through Etsy, you can just then send me the payment via PayPal to Please wait until I give you your accurate custom quote before purchasing. Please be sure to email me your shipping Info also.  If you want to purchase through Etsy, I will set you up a custom listing on Etsy and you'll get a link from them when it's ready to view and purchase. Please read through the details of the listing carefully because these are the measurments I will go off of to make the Roman shades. I won't add or subtract anything from the exact measurement you provide me.  For example, if you ask for an outside mount shade and say your window is 30 wide x 50 long, I will make the Roman shade that exact size. I will assume you measured accurately for the outside mount and took into consideration the extra inches on each side to mount onto the trim. 

After you purchase the shades via PayPal or Etsy, you're ready to ship me the fabric in the yardage I provided you with. Please put your name under my name on your package. So If you order from, for example, put : 

Kelly Rink

c/o "Jane Doe" 

59 Hillside Crescent  

Nutley, NJ 07110

Once in a blue moon, I get packages with no name at all under mine and it is a little annoying bc I then have to track it down and email everyone who ordered and find its owner. I get a ton of fabric packages and orders every week so it makes it really difficult when you leave off your name.  

After I get your fabric, you're all set!! If you happen to change your mind on a fabric or measurement, please let me know asap, so it isn't already in production.  

That's about all for now. 🤗