Custom Roman Shades|Sew Lovely By Kelly


We are currently at about a 8 week time frame from the time we get your fabric.  Please try to send in your fabric within a few weeks of placing your order, or the completion of order may get behind.  Time frame for larger orders may take longer. We will continue to update you on the status as the due date approaches and cannot guarantee an exact ship date. If an exact ship date is needed, please let us know and we will try to accommodate. We are a small custom workroom with only 2 seamstresses and 1 constructor. The shades take a lot of mental sharpness and physical labor at times, so we work hard and long hours but we also can’t “rush” too much or we will risk mistakes. Therefore, our timeframe is at least 8 weeks (much like custom furniture and other custom products in the marketplace). We are selective about who we bring on to our team and it is difficult these days to find a lot of experienced seamstresses, so we keep our team small for now. Unlike products you’d get from a store, our products are carefully crafted and customized just for you!


All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  Sew Lovely is not responsible for any orders that say delivered via USPS tracking stated as delivered.  Shipping on orders start at $25. If ever your package was lost in transit by USPS, the insurance will cover the labor and shipping for the shades only and an estimated cost of fabric. We do not know how much the fabric is worth when shipping out so we give an estimate only. The amount we file in a lost mail claim cannot be more than what we insured it for. USPS is not the best at updating tracking information often. Often, the package will say "label created, pre-transit" but the package is actually already in transit and just not updated. Please be patient with USPS tracking information and check back in a few days. If you still have not received the package after 2 weeks of saying "shipped," please let us know so we can keep an eye on it and file a claim with USPS, if needed. In 4 years, we have only had about 2 packages lost and have sent thousands of boxes. USPS claims cannot be filed until 30 days after a package label is created and is considered "lost."