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Effective beginning Oct 2018

Purchase Agreement/ Terms of Transaction

For All Sew Lovely By Kelly Products

By reading this purchase agreement and purchasing our product, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

You will pay the agreed upon purchase price prior to the goods being sent.

No refunds or exchanges will be given for custom goods. If a fix is necessary, Sew Lovely will fix free of charge. Since our products are custom, we cannot provide refunds or exchanges.

Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of purchase.

If you choose to swap and send us a different fabric than originally sent, you may do so up to about 3 weeks before the due date.

On rare occasions, during production, we might need more fabric to complete the project. The buyer will be responsible for buying and sending more fabric.

If your fabric is not labelled with your name on it, your order may be delayed. Please label fabric correctly when sending.

You’ve read the “Fabric Choice” page clearly on our website ( and understand the disadvantages of using fabric that is not recommended by us and that it can affect your end product if the wrong fabric is sent. Most 100% linen fabrics do not work well for roman shades, as the fabric is hard to sew straight, shifts when hung and doesn't pleat as nicely.

If a vendor sends us a fabric that is damaged, you will be informed and that vendor will need to be responsible for replacing the fabric. Sew Lovely won’t be held responsible for damaged fabric.

You understand the delivery time is usually 8 weeks from time of purchase and could be longer, depending on our production schedule, if your fabric is delayed, or if the order is large. We do not guarantee an exact delivery date. We try to be at the 8 week mark or shorter, but there is a chance it can be longer. We will communicate with you if there is a delay and try our best to be right on time.

We cannot guarantee that Sew Lovely Roman shades are not 100% child proof. It is recommended to tie off all cords high on a cleat if young children or pets are around to prevent strangulation. You may wish to get cordless shades if your windows are very low.

Shipping is normally USPS Priority Mail. All packages are insured for the labor and lining costs and a little more to cover an estimated fabric cost. We’ve never had a lost package, but if we did, the insurance covers the labor and lining and possibly not the entire cost of your fabric that was sent to us, as fabric prices vary greatly.

Fabric remnants will not normally be returned. The amount of yardage we tell you to send us is the exact amount of yardage that we need to complete your project, so we rarely have remnants.

Relaxed roman shades need to be manually dressed/adjusted for the pleats to lay nicely.

Wide shades won’t have as crisp pleats and may not hang as nicely as regular size shades.

You understand how the roman shades function using a cord lock and each cord controls a different part of the shade.

If you happen to see a staple on the top of the wood, you understand that this will not ever be seen if properly installed. Sew Lovely will never put a staple on the shade where it would be seen. 2 staples are used on the very top of the board as extra support so the fabric doesn't sag on the very top. These staples are not seen. If you're seeing it on the front of the shade then the shade is not installed correctly.

Please contact us first prior to leaving any negative reviews so we can try to come up with a solution and make sure you are happy :)