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roman shade cleat

Roman Shade Child Safety

Sew Lovely roman shades now have break-a-way cord condensors/knobs.  3 white cords come down one back side of the roman shade, about 2" from the edge.  Each string controls a different part of the shade and when pulled together, the shade goes up and down.  You may sometimes need to adjust one string to make the shade even.  The cord condensor holds these 3 strings together at the end.  The condensor is a breakaway, which means if a child or pet tries to pry their head into the cord loop, the force will cause the strings to break free from each other and breakaway the loop that was created, so it's much safer for children.   Keep in mind that if you tie a knot above the knob at all, the child safety function will not work properly.  It is still highly recommended to tie off the cords up high so that a child is not tempted to play with them.  You can find cord cleats like this online for very inexpensive.  

Fix My Blinds sells them for just .70 cents each, as well as some other great shade products!

You can also find them on Amazon


roman shade cleat